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For those of you who might remember anything about Shimer than you have
probably heard of Chris McGlyn, who shared a small cell at the instituion with
Sam and myself and various other peoples.

He has, after some craziness, arriaved in Daegu, and after a few beers seems to
be none the worse for wear. Sam happend to be in Daegu at the appropriate time
re-filing papers with addmissions and after grilling the recruiter who got
Chris the job I managed to know when and where Chris would be so I could be
there to meet him too. Which was handy since the recruiter was held up in
traffic and a little late. After the intial meeting Sam had to depart back to
Waygone to teach, and Sunny (the recruiter) myself, and Chris had lunch at the
Donga near my workplace.

After that I went to work and managed to stay focused, although for the most
part I feel like I could really use some serious vaction time. Alas, I'm not
sure what will happen, as we are short one teacher heading into the Summer, and
it is probable I won't be able to get time off just yet, but hopefully soon. I
still need to talk to Kim about it.

After work, headed across town to find Chris, who was being stuffed to the
gills (ahem) with raw fish and Soju by his new director, which is generally a
good sign. Directors who take a small amount of time to hang out with employees
are better than the ones that just say hello and then throw you to the wolves
(by which I mean children), however the school and situation are still being
felt out to make sure they are not shady.

The weekend was spent checking out the other side of Daegu, which is almost a
mirror image of the area I live in. To go to Chris by cab I would say Chilgo
Donga, to come home I say Soo-sung Donga, so there you have it. Chris has made
out with a swanky three room pad, although he still needs gas, and was having
trouble figuring out how to turn on the hot water without turning on the heat
as well. In some of the apartments here you have to turn the hot water on
manually. I'm lucky, my water just works, tee-hee.

Chris worked his way downtown and I found him easily and we went and watcehd
the Matrix reloaded together, I do believe we both enjoyed it. Afterwords we
went looking into downtown for a place to catch a beer, and discovered to our
mutual delight Beer World. Which I think probably did have beer from
everywhere. I think we covered most of Germany, some of North America, and even
Korea while journeying across the continents. We also seemed to irritate the
very friendly and helpful girls who seemed perturbed that we still weren't
leaving even after 4:00 am, and when we finally managed to leave at about 10 to
six I think they were quite happy to see us go. As we were heading out Chris
pointed that out was this way, and I mentioned that I figured I'd just head
towards the daylight. A good time was had by us, and the cab driver even
managed to get Chris home without confusion.

Sam and I hung out most of hte weekend in Chilgo. We had a pleasant time, and
Sam even joined Chris and I in a beer at 61st Street bar (A New York Style bar,
so it says) where the owner seemed very pleased to have some forigners. Chris
has managed to find the nearby PC bong, the really really nearby Pizza place,
and the nearby Chicken place so we are sure for the moment that he won't
starve. We also found some likely places for foriegners to hang out, and
considering the dense concentration of Hogwans in his area there should be
plenty of people to talk to as soon as we can find them.

For the most part all is going as planne.d I realized that on Wednesday I will
officially have been in Korea for one year, and I'm trying to figure out what I
know now that I didn't know then. More about that later.

Cheers, to everyone and what not.


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