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I did manage to make it downtown to a movie theater all by my lonesome, which was rather fun. I do enjoy theaters here, aside from the assigned seat thing. For some unknown reason buying a ticket to a movie is like buying a ticket to a concert and they tell you what seat to sit in. Since my assigned seat was in the back row under the balcony I waited until the lights went down and the show began to just pick one of the many empty seats in  better viewing position. I went to see Men In Black, which I though really hysterically funny, and laughed allot, much to the dismay of the Asians sitting within glaring distance.

One of the perks of the cinema here is that popcorn is very cheap, and you can even bring in your own munchies. They simply don't care.  I like that, I think American theaters should be more like that. I brought in a bottle of beer and had a grand old time. Movies aren't too expensive about 5.50 American for the late night show, which is pretty comparable to what I used to pay to see a movie in Indiana anyway, so I figure I will enjoy it.

Getting in the cab was fun. I took a cab downtown because I couldn't remember the bus to get on, and said "shin-A" which is supposed to get me downtown. But the driver looked confused so I bulled out my little Korean book and did my best to explain, when he suddenly looked at me and said "shin-A?" I wanted to scream in frustration at that point because I know I had begun the conversation this way.

Either way I ended up downtown, and close to something I sorta knew, the YMCA, which is where one can get Korean lessons for 30,000 won if one can remember to sign up for them.

After my movie I spent about two hours walking around looking for places I know I had been and realizing I had no clue how to get there. I stumbled down back alleys and weird streets till it started to rain rather heavily, and I started to get soaked rather toughly so I decided to head home.

At that point getting a cab was a bit more of a challenge, and I finally ended up grabbing a cab and doubling up with another rider, which in the end came back to bite me as I ended up paying a bit more than I wanted.

Classes are going well, I started my new classes this week, and so far everything is going along merrily. I have several new students which I'm excited about. A few parents are complaining about homework, until they learn that the reason their child has fifteen pages of homework to do is because said child has not done any homework at all and this was why we kept calling home (I ask my Korean partner teacher to make a phone call if a student doesn't do homework three times in a row). This usually makes the parent smile, and be very nice and pleasant and makes the child look like death warmed over. Always fun being a teacher and warping the minds of the impressionable.

Speaking of warping, I'd love to hear from somebody. Anybody. Really. My inbox had one message this morning, and when that happens I start to get really lonely.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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