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It has been slowing down a bit in Korea. I went out Saturday and watched as Korea was sadly defeated in it's final game of the world cup. They finish the season with 4th in the World, which ain't to damn bad when you get right down to it. Turkey won in a rather slow game. Scoring 3 points in twenty minutes, to Korea's one, and only manage to hold Korea off for the rest of the game. Korea made a rally in the end and scored a point about a minute before the final bell. It is interesting to note that Korea would have tied accept for a small soccer technicality called off sides. Korea scored but apparently was off sides (if the defense is farther away from the goal then the offense) so the point didn't count. I heard that they may be doing away with that rule next year, so who knows.

Anyway, so much excitement, it was really a shame they lost, it was really very interesting to watch all the people coming together to talk about and cheer on the soccer team. The last game was played in Daegu and downtown was very very crowded. I did not bother trying to get down there, what with more then a million people in the streets, instead I watched the game at Tokyo house with Micha, had a beer some french fries, and went home and slept, which I have been, yet again, neglecting to do.

Aside from all the excitement several small, unusual, perhaps interesting things have happened. Working late on Saturday, just to get caught up with a few things, and Mr. Kim stopped by unexpectedly. We talked for a bit and I learned that he was headed to Seoul to get some American Chinese food. Now, it's about a thirty minute flight from Daegu to Seoul, so it's really not much of a commute, however it still seems odd to me that jumping on a plane for a quick flight to Seoul for dinner is just a fun thing to do. I'm sure I will eventually get over this after I have taken a couple of flights around myself, most notably I'd like to go to Cheju Island, right off the cost, about a 40 minute flight, and eventually back to Seoul where I only spent a few hours my first night here. I get paid Friday and that should be very exciting.

Last night I went out for a movie in Korea. My first in the theater experience here. Micha and I caught a very late film (Panic Room, not bad) and I had the fun of realizing that I could not read the tickets that were given to me, and had no idea where to go after getting them. Turns out our movie was on the 9 floor of the theater. The seats are usually assigned but for some unusual reason our seats were not assigned to us, so we got to choose where we wanted to sit which was very nice. The sell popcorn and drinks, but unlike American theaters, are not militaristic about bringing in outside stuffs, and did not complain about my bottle of water. The popcorn was actually boxed popcorn, not made fresh in the theater, and did not cost one fingers and toes. They also sell fruit at the theater, which I thought was a nice touch. We caught and elevator to the top floor, and then found someone to point out the direction in which to head to catch the movie. The movie itself was fun, just a little violent, but otherwise a good time.

After that we caught a cab and went back to Micha's place where I had the fun I putting highlights in his hair. Today, we will see if it actually worked (hard to tell when the hair is wet).

Anyway, that is a fairly good breakdown of my time. My classes are all going very well, and I'm looking forward to the beginning of the summer sessions. I've already been offered a raise, but at the moment I'm more worried about the air conditioner I was offered but have still not seen in my apartment. The weather here has been surprisingly and unseasonable cool (low to mid 70's (22-25c) and is expected to head towards the 30 c's this week, with the rain and humidity it should get really interesting.

More soon, and write to me people, my email last week consisted only of spam and an occasional hello.

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